Why you may need a notary

Some documents require a notary to verify the identity of the signer and acknowledge their signature. Other documents may require a notary to give an oath to have a signer swear to, or affirm, the truthfulness of the document. The documents that require a notary certificate will have notarial wording at the end of the document, after the signature lines. For signings in California, specific wording must be used on the notary certificate. More information is available at the California Secretary of State’s website. 

What is a Mobile Notary?

A mobile notary travels to your home, office, hospital, or wherever you feel most comfortable to sign your legal documents; before, during, or after regular business hours. I bring my office to you with all of the necessary supplies to take care of your notarial needs.

I am certified & licensed by the State of California, bonded, and member of the National Notary Association servicing Southern California since 2012.